This week, Eminem's 'Recovery' reclaimed the top spot on the Billboard 200 charts, after an immensely successful eight-week run. The album achieved double platinum status pulling in 2,113,000 copies total. By it's third consecutive week at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, 'Recovery' had already pulled in a total of 1,287,000 units, achieving its first platinum plaque. And at the end of July -- during its fifth week in rotation -- the album remained atop the Billboard 200, selling an additional 187,000 copies and keeping Rick Ross' 'Teflon Don' at the No. 2 spot.

In the midst of 'Recovery's' success, Eminem's 2009 album 'Relapse' also scored double platinum status, while placing at No. 55 on the Billboard charts.

Slim Shady is scheduled to make a guest appearance on the season finale of HBO's series 'Entourage' on September 12. The show's creator Doug Ellin announced the news less than one week after 'Recovery's June 21 release, explaining that Em was filmed during a faux-celebration for his impending platinum success. Ellin told that the cameo was at "a platinum record party for his album, which by the time this airs will be platinum, I'm sure."

So far, Ellin's prediction has been accurate two times over.