Earlier this week, we unveiled an Eminem freestyle where he went hard over 50 Cent's 'I Get Money' beat and sounded more like his old self than the recent, more uplifting material featured on his uber-successful 'Recovery.' This was the old Eminem with the wacky accents, quicktake punchlines, grossout humor, rapidfire flow and general offensiveness that used to horrify most of mainstream America. Well, it appears there's more where that came from.

An entire rarities compilation has been put together and is making its way around the blogosophere. Entitled 'Straight From the Vault,' the tracks were anonymously uploaded to a message board and eventually packaged together as a mixtape EP. The set features guest spots from Obie Trice and D12, as well as songs with names like 'Ballin' Uncontrollably' and 'Wee Wee.'

For the 'I Get Money' freestyle, the timeline clearly points to a pre-comeback Eminem that was sharpening his teeth on one of the year's biggest beats and getting ready to reenter the game. Yet others feel most of these tracks were meant for the once-promised sequel to Em's comeback 'Relapse' album. While a 'Relapse 2' did eventually appear, it was more of a reissue with bonus tracks -- not the full-blown sequel that the rapper once promised.

Watch Eminem's 'Not Afraid'
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