The rap triumvirate consisting of 50 Cent, Eminem, and Dr. Dre has proven to be an indomitable force in the realm of music. Aside from seamlessly killing the game on the music front, all three are doing some big things in Hollywood. With Dre prepping the release of his N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, and 50 doing his thing on Power, Eminem is now back in the mix and will produce music for a new TV series titled Narc.

According to Deadline, Eminem is currently in negotiations to not only executive produce the TV series, but also write music. Narc was released as a movie back in 2002, and was directed by Joe Carnahan, who will serve as the show's producer. To make things even more interesting for Em, the show will take place in his hometown of Detroit, Mich. There's currently no word on whether Em will make a cameo, but we all know that just by having his name attached to the show that it will certainly help boost ratings.

For those who never saw the movie, Narc is about an undercover cop entrenched in the undercover life trying to investigate a murder. We certainly can't wait to see what Em has in store for the show on the music side of things. When it comes to making soundtrack records, Eminem has an impeccable resume a la "Lose Yourself," "Phenomenal" and "Guts Over Fear" featuring Sia. Let's see what he does this time around with Narc.

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