Eminem has long been admired for how he reps his hometown of Detroit through the city's thick and thin. He just dropped a video clip that he's calling "an open letter" that serves to honor the Motor City's working class residents. The clip features narration from Em and a lot of pictures that show Detroit citizens hard at work amongst the city's more well-known landmarks and locales.

"You took our country from its infancy into industry," says Mathers in the clip. "Your name still carries with it the idea of a nation built on steel, muscle and sweat. You became the city to carry the country. The city, like the sport, is built on dreams, people who arrived here driven to excel who know that nothing is accomplished without hard work and sacrifice. When you hurt, we hurt."

Em goes on to bemoan the shuttered factories and jobs lost. He pays specific tribute to Motown, Cadillac and boxer Joe Louis as Detroit's iconic exports, while saying the city will never stand down because it has never come close to actually being defeated. All in all, this is an uplifting clip and yet another demonstration that, despite extreme levels of fame, Eminem has never forgotten where he came from and all the supportive people that that made Detroit such an important place in American history.