We caught up with Eminem behind the scenes of the two-day video shoot for 'Not Afraid,' the first single off his latest release 'Recovery.' Em shuffles between filming the video's New York flying scenes in City Hall and a warehouse in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn before heading to Newark, New Jersey for some of the street scenes.

When not sarcastically discussing his fear of spiders and giraffes or describing working with director Rich Lee as "anti-climatic," the rapper gets serious and discusses sobriety. "As I got sober I started rediscovering things about myself that I think I'd forgotten for so long or suppressed through my addiction, " Em reveals. "So, the whole theme of the record is that, as a person, I'm feeling better than I've ever felt."

Check out Day One of the 'Not Afraid' video shoot below.

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Check out footage from Day Two after the jump.

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