Eminem is officially in 'Recovery' mode as word has it that his first single off the album is titled 'Not Afraid' and will drop Friday (April 30). Em revealed the title via his Twitter page simply posting 'I Am Not Afraid,' with no other explanation. Although he has yet to confirm, or deny, that the single will debut this week, Philadelphia radio station 96.1 KISS FM posted the news on their site. "Waiting for confirmation from label to make sure it still premieres this Friday, will update as soon as we know," read a statement on the site. "We've been told to 'sit tight' on the info and it might not be accurate. Confirmation from the label is coming ASAP though."

Sensing that some may not believe the news, the station also posted this disclaimer: "This was in NO WAY a stunt or PR move by us or our station to gain web traffic and disappoint Eminem fans. We are/were just as excited as you all. Again, don't kill the messenger, this was ALL from the label, we were just relaying the message. Maybe the message just got out before the ëplan was in place,í not sure, but we will let everyone know when we get the label update. It will be unfortunate if there is no Em song on Friday since we put our credibility on the line for this one."

The album, which will drop in the next couple months, has been shrouded in secrecy. However, Em's longtime friend and D12 member, Bizarre, revealed to The BoomBox that they "just finished a record on Marshall's album." Either way fans will just have to wait and see if 'Not Afraid' drops later this week. In the meantime be on the lookout for 'Recovery,' when it hits stores June 22.