Eminem’s Oscar-winning song “Lose Yourself” is already an inspiring anthem, but it just got greater again thanks to an sign language interpreter’s recent viral video.

Shelby Mitchusson's an amazing American Sign Language (ASL) version of Em’s “Lose Yourself is all the rage at the moment. With over 500,000 views, the song as well as the art of ASL is back in the public’s consciousness. This is impressive considering that the video was posted on YouTube last September.

In the clip, Mitchusson uses her fingers to interpret Em’s lyrics as well as the piano intro that plays at the beginning of the song. It also helps that she’s bopping and grooving to the beat -- on time no less -- as she twists her fingers to describe the Detroit rhymer’s powerful verses.

Plus, you can tell that she’s really into it with her facial expressions and lip-syncing skills.

"Ok, I expected it to be silly, but it's actually really, really well done. I could see Eminem signing while singing along, and the gestures just seem to 'work' in the context of the song. Very cool,” wrote one viewer on Reddit where the video was posted.

This won't be Mitchusson's last ASL video. The YouTube star informed her fans that she will shoot more visuals soon.

"Hey everyone. So sorry it has taken me awhile to comment back, I still am figuring out YouTube haha! - thank you all for all your feedback & support," she wrote. "I have been very busy in my personal life but I am going to upload more videos soon. I have a deep love for interpreting music and would love to share more as I am always interpreting music."

We hope that Mitchusson keeps it up. Her video has certainly brought more awareness to other American Sign Language visuals of popular songs on YouTube.

Great job, Shelby Mitchusson!

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