After Eminem won the Grammy for Best Rap Album earlier this month, it seems like fans have come out of the woodwork. The Detroit MC has surpassed pop star Lady Gaga on Facebook, amassing more than 28.88 million fans (and counting) on the social networking site.

"Within the last few hours Eminem has become the world's most popular living person on Facebook," reads a Feb. 24 statement by social media tracker Famecount.

The 'Love the Way You Lie' performer overtook the 'Born This Way' creator in a closely contested battle, earning ten thousand more "likes" than the singer -- she holds 28.87 million fans to Em's 28.88 million. Marshall Mathers has steadily been recruiting 546,000 new fans each week, which, according to Famecount, is the equivalent to a large city and more than the population of Luxembourg.

While Eminem and Lady Gaga will compete in this obvious Facebook popularity contest, only one entertainer has more clout than them both -- the late Michael Jackson. The King of Pop currently has more than 29 million fans.

In other Slim Shady news, he recently joined the ranks of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber as the third artist to accumulate 1 billion music video streams on YouTube.

"This new landmark follows a spectacular year for Eminem, with the release of 'Recovery' and wins at the Grammys matched by surging social media fame," writes Daniel Dearlove at Famecount."