Eminem's cassette re-release of his acclaimed Marshall Mathers LP has a few dope add-ons that would entice the die-hard Slim Shady fans out there.

At the price of $350, Em is selling the cassette tape, a dog tag chain, t-shirts and a brick from Eminem's childhood home. The infamous house was the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 and was demolished in 2014 shortly after it was featured on Em's Marshall Mathers LP 2 album cover. The state knocked the house down after extensive fire damage.


Eminem shared an image via Instagram of the site, along with a caption explaining the house's demolition and how they recovered the bricks. "On November 20th, 2013 the State of Michigan ordered the demolition of the childhood home of Marshall B. Mathers due to structural safety issues. By reacting quickly, we were able to secure materials from the razed property… "

Eminem hasn't released an official studio album since 2013, and some fans have criticized the rapper for milking his legacy as opposed to recording new music. But with this release, it appears that Marshall is full-on into the memorabilia game and happy to placate his older fans' nostalgia.

The bricks are incased in plexiglass, are signed by Eminem and include a certificate authenticating them. It should also be mentioned that the dog tags are also made from wood recovered from his demolished house.