While Kanye West won the ultimate album sales battle against 50 Cent in 2007, 50 clearly won the "biggest beat" contest with the unflappable 'I Get Money.' At the time, it seemed like every rapper took their turn over the track's razorsharp synth lines and gargantuan drums, yet somehow an Eminem freestyle over the beat took four years to surface.

It's unclear when Em recorded his version, which leaked over the weekend, but we're guessing it was back around then when he was still using drugs and generally retired from the game. He sounds both hungry and cloudy on the track, often rapping with the vicious anti-social humor that made his older material standout but sounding at times like he has pills spewing out the sides of his mouth.

Eminem nearly immediately calls out Jay-Z and West. "They keep on saying the same rappers are the best," he raps. "Jay-Z and Kanye West/ Maybe they're just trying to distract you from the fact that I'm coming back/ Or maybe it's cause I ain't black/ Maybe it's because of that/ Maybe it's because I'm the highest selling artist in rap." Em, since, has gone on to take hip-hop to the stadium level with Jay-Z, during last September's Home and Home concerts in Detriot and New York City.

The timing of the leak is also particularly interesting. While no direct shots are taken at 50 Cent, there has clearly been something brewing between Curtis and the Dr. Dre and Eminem camp.

Listen to Eminem's take on 'I Get Money' over here.

Watch 50 Cent's 'I Get Money'
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