Super-producer Dr. Dre received the top honor at the ASCAP 23rd annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards in Beverly Hills this past Friday (June 25). Dre was presented with the performing rights organization's coveted Founders Award for his over 20 year contribution to the music industry as both an artist and a producer.

While DJ Kid Capri played a musical montage of some of Dre's hits including, 'Explosive, 'Gin & Juice' and 'California Love.' The 45-year-old was presented the award by his colleague and Protégé Eminem, who thanked the Compton, California native for taking a chance on him, and inspiring him musically. "What he does behind the boards makes my pen talk back," Em told the audience. "His brand of hip-hop has created the landscape for other artists to follow."

Despite his extreme success and stake in hip-hop history, Dre revealed that he remains humbled by his achievements. "First off, I have to say I have lived and incredible life," Dre told the crowd. "Being able to make a living doing what I love? It's incredible, and to have so many people enjoy it for so many years, man I can't explain to you how good that feels. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most talented, creative writer and artists and writers in the business. To be recognized for creating music is incredible.

"The first person I like to thank is my mom. A lot of people don't know this, but my mom got pregnant with me at the age of 15. She was always told by family, friends, neighbors, or whatever it was she was going to ruin her life and mine," Dre said holding back tears. "Being a success was embedded in my head because most of the people that were saying that s--- could not be right. So that's one of the reasons why this award is special."

Alongside Dre, newcomer Janelle Monae snagged the Vanguard Award given in recognition of the impact of musical genres that help shape the future of American music, while Jermaine Dupri won the Song of the Decade award for penning the 2005 hit, 'We Belong Together' for songstress Mariah Carey. The Dream, Tricky Stewart, Ne-yo, and T.I. also received awards, but the night's biggest surprise came when legendary singer Prince briefly made an appearance during the ceremony before leaving soon after.