Eminem has employed a creative marketing tactic for his new album, 'Recovery;' he made an infomercial.

The 30-second clip features infamous ShamWow towel-seller Vince Shlomi hawking Em's new album instead of his usual late-night wares.

"You're gonna be clappin' when you hear Eminem rappin'," raps an ever-enthusiastic Schlomi, demonstrating the various uses of Em's new album by using the CD to chop up tomatoes, onions, steak bones and a silicone breast implant. As a bonus, the infomercial offers a free "Shampon," a ShamWow tampon made to "hold up to ten-times its weight in liquid."

The video recalls Em's trademark black humor, before his bout with drug addiction and self-imposed break from the spotlight. Watch the 'Recovery' informercial after the jump. The album hits retail on June 21.