A full version of Eminem and B.o.B.'s unreleased collaboration 'Things Get Worse' leaked online last night, which features Em channeling his "rotten" alter ego Slim Shady, a character Em was rumored to have been retiring.

Over the recognizable Em-produced beat, B.o.B. spits flames and Slim Shady calls out names in typical fashion, dropping Jessica Simpson, Brad Pitt and Natasha Bedingfield and Michael Jackson, to name a few.

"Holy Toledo, it's Angelina Jolie amigo/ She told me 'Yo Shady, just hand your penis to me, I'll deep throat," Em rhymes. "'I used to love her hooters, now Carmen Electra's cuter/ Strap an extension cord to her arm and electrocute her/ I'm off my f--king meds, but I'm on an electric scooter/ I might just scoot by and shoot my mom in the neck with Rugers/ Spit in Jason's face while I vomit on Freddy Krueger/ They can't even get Jeffrey Dahmer to pet the cougar."

While B.o.B. is best known for his pop hits like the Grammy-nominated 'Nothin' On You,' or 'Airplanes,' he holds his own on the mic with Em. "With the soul of a shaman/ I leave the beat and vomit/ Like a bulimic woman with an uneasy stomach/ I pass by people on the street, they seem like sleeping zombies," he raps. "Stiffer than a therapeutic pair of jeans, you running/ So can you hear me coming?/ Eminem, this beat is absolutely disgusting, it's probably got diseases on it."

The song is said to have been recorded in 2009, and it sounds like it, as Em employs one of the nasal accents which he later claimed to have "run into the ground," on his 2010 single 'Not Afraid.' It is still unclear as to whether the song was scheduled to see release.

Em and B.o.B. have also appeared together on the latter's highly popular 'Airplanes Pt. II' remix.

Watch B.o.B's 'Airplanes'

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