Police are investigating a man's claim that he was assaulted by Eminem in a dust-up at a Detroit strip club. The alleged victim, 48-year-old Miad J. claims the dispute began after an overeager fan (Stan?) approached Eminem in the men's room of Cheetah's as the rapper was attending to business at one of the urinals.

Miad alleges the bodyguard told the fan to put a sock in it and that the fight began after Miad asked the bodyguard to take it easy on the overexcited fanatic. "Eminem got done and, boom," Miad, told WXYZ, "he started swinging. I wasn't even expecting it." Miad claims Eminem punched him several times before leaving the club, with his bodyguards ejected from the premises soon after. No charges have been filed as of press time.