Rapper Emilio Rojas is tackling the age old question of "What would I do?" in the visual for his new track, "Tomorrow Never Comes."

Spitting rhymes from a New York City rooftop, Rojas thinks about some of the activities he would partake in if there really wasn't another day in his future, like finding his father or giving his mother one last kiss.

"They say that nothing's ever promised / Gotta keep the ones around me that are honest / 'Cause is there any guarantee that you gon' get it cause you want it, right / And my abuela's getting old, I need to see her/ Before she up and leave us cause she off to meet the reaper," he raps.

He hits the streets with heavy thoughts on his mind, faces his past while looking through old photos and immerses himself under water in a bathtub in an effort to escape reality.

"Tomorrow Never Comes" is featured on Emilio Rojas' upcoming project, "No Shame, No Regrets."

Watch the provocative clip below.