'Wise Up Ghost' is the new joint album from living rock legend Elvis Costello and the Roots. And before it drops next Tuesday (Sept. 17), you can hear the entire record right now.

If you're going into 'Wise Up Ghost' expecting any straight-up hip-hop based on the Roots' involvement, you will probably be disappointed. But if you have an open mind and want to hear just how musically tight they can be, you are in for a real musical treat.

This full-length album from Costello and the Philadelphia group is a true testament to collaborative musicianship. It doesn't necessarily sound like anything you'd really expect from either act.

Sure, Costello's signature vocals are all over 'Wise Up Ghost' and the same goes for the Roots' well-known ability to blend funk, rock, and jazz. But this record definitely has its own identity and hopefully marks the beginning of a series of tag-team projects from Costello and the Roots.

You can hear the album at NPR.