NFL quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning are bringing the term "fantasy football" to a whole new level.

In the latest commercial for DirecTV's Fantasy Zone, the brothers both rap, strike b-boy poses and surround themselves with a slew of sexy video vixens. But it's their funny lyrics that really steal the show.

"Sometimes I have this fantasy I'm on a horse so wild and free / Then the horse grows wings and we fly up into space / But then the music drops out cause there's no sound in space / But my dad's in space cause it's my fantasy," raps Eli.

You'll also see a bunch of rap stereotypes, like the brothers rapping in front of a mansion and a few tough-looking guys standing in the background trying to look intimidating. It's the usual stuff you'll see whenever non-hip-hoppers parity the culture.

But nonetheless, the song creates a few laughs and both Mannings pull off the gag quite successfully. They were equally hilarious in their 2013 rap skit 'Football On Your Phone.' Now if Eli can just get the Giants back on a winning track again, he'll really make people's fantasies come true.

Watch the Manning Brothers Rap in 'Football On Your Phone' Ad