An Akon show could turn out to be the most dangerous ticket in town. Eight people were arrested at the Fields mall in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Wednesday when a concert featuring the 'Smack That' singer took a violent turn. Fans began rioting as police attempted to evacuate the 3,000 concertgoers after a fire alarm alert.

"It was a free concert and we knew that many people would come, but there were a lot of people there, more than we had expected," venue director Jens Geppel told Reuters.

This is not the first time the producer/singer's concerts have resulted in controversy. Three workers were hurt when part of an outdoor stage set being built for the singer at Emory University in Atlanta collapsed in October. The concert was subsequently canceled.

In April, Akon, who opened for Gwen Stefani on the Sweet Escape Tour, stirred up controversy when he simulated a sex act with a 14-year-old girl during a show in Trinidad and Tobago. Akon insisted he wasn't at fault because the club claimed to have an 18-years and over age limit.