Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples are two of the most gifted young spitters in the game. The California natives first linked up on Earl's 2010 debut and have continued to work together, like on last year's 'Hive' and 'Burgundy.' The pair's friendship extends far beyond music, though.

Starring in the first episode of Noisey's new series, 'Inside the Beat,' Earl and Vince give us a first-hand glimpse at their unique musical kinship. The video follows the duo into the studio, where Earl makes a beat from scratch before Vince jumps in the booth to lay down some vicious bars over it.

"He's the best rapper, dude," Earl says of Vince. "He takes the shortest amount of time to do the tightest s--t. I just like to keep Vince around when I'm writing s--t, 'cause I think he's better than me. It makes me try really hard."

Vince was equally full of praise for his buddy. "He was one of the first people to really tell me I should take it serious," he said. "He's focused. When he's making music, he doesn't play around. Staring at the computer for hours."

Earl Sweatshirt is just one of six producers featured on 'Inside the Beat' as they aim to "investigate the genesis of their music through their own personal stories."