Earl Sweatshirt has unveiled 'Burgundy,' a track produced by Pharrell on his upcoming album, 'Doris.'

Earl uses the chaotic backdrop to open up about depression and the expectations that have been placed upon his career from the rest of the world. He opens the song off saying "My grandma's passing/But I'm too busy trying to get this f--kin' album crackin'/To see her, so I apologize in advance if anything should happen/And my priorities are f--ked up I know it/Afraid I'm gonna blow it." This opening speaks volumes about the struggle artists have when they try to balance musical careers with family life.

Pharrell's production is layered to perfection, horn riffs, piano keys, and cymbals among the sounds that clash together to meld into a frenetic instrumental. The vocal in the backdrop, "Cut that bitch off!" is ambiguous and adds a nice touch to the song as well. Meanwhile, Vince Staples contributes an eerie introduction, as he explains to Earl that nobody cares about how depressed a rapper might be feeling, they just "want raps."

'Doris' is slated for an August 20 release and has fans eagerly awaiting that date. Meanwhile, Earl will be appearing on Jimmy Fallon's show tonight. Listen to the new song below.