E-40, the Bay Area's most successful veteran rapper, is hardly slowing down with age. In fact, he's picking up steam. The MC has just announced that he is issuing two brand-new volumes of his 'Revenue Retrievin'' series in the form of separate full-length albums. Entitled 'Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift' and 'Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift,' both records will be released to digital retailers at the end of March.

The twin release strategy will mark E-40's 13th and 14th solo LPs -- a track record that puts him in nearly untouchable status in the rap world. Only artists like Snoop Dogg, who have been around for decades and produced nearly an album per year, can compare. E-40 released the first two albums in the series -- 'Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift' and 'Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift' -- back-to-back, almost a year ago.

40 isn't slacking off while building his solo album discography, either. He has tapped some of the games brightest for features, including: Bun B, Devin the Dude, T-Pain, Slim Thug, Tech N9ne and many artists from Northern California.

The two releases are in addition to previously-announced material from E-40 as well. His 'Ambassador of the Bay' is still scheduled to drop this summer, while a long-awaited collaboration with Too Short entitled 'The History Channel' is still in the works. Both new volumes of the 'Revenue Retrievin' series will be available on March 29.

Watch E-40's 'The Server'
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