Are you ready for some low-key mayhem? You better be. What else would you expect from an E-40 video featuring Danny Brown and ScHoolboy Q?

The track in question is 'All My Ni--as,' is a rowdy party-starter fueled by battle raps, drug references, and an infectious Bay Area instrumental. In other words, it's exactly the kind of function music you'd want to hear from three rappers renown for their mixing of blunted bravado and murky street reality.

E-40 leads the way on the track and in the visuals, which center on shots of the MCs smoking weed and hanging out together in a dimly lit warehouse. Or is it a back alley? Wherever they are, it's a suitable setting for all the mean-mugging you'll see here. Not only that, but the minimalist direction allows you to stay focused on the most important element of 'All My Ni--as': the verses, especially Danny Brown's.

Watch the video below.