Driicky Graham wants to strike while the iron's hot.

The 20-year-old rapper has been signed to the independent label, Nu World Era, for three years now and with the popularity of this year's "Snapbacks and Tattoos," he's leaving the fate of his follow-up single in the hands of his new label home, E1. At The Source's Power 30 Atlanta reception last week (Sept. 28), he explained that he's letting the powers that be decide his next move.

"We're just trying to see which track we're gonna push next," Driicky told The BoomBox. "I'll let the label handle all that stuff though. Right now I'll just do the records. Whatever they choose as the best fit, is what they choose."

Although the ladies seem to love Driicky, 20, he hopes that his full LP, Success by the Graham, will show new fans of all walks of life his diversity. His Ya Gotta Start Somewhere mixtape, released earlier this year, has had a considerable number of downloads, however, Graham's album will have some surprises in store for those unfamiliar with him.

"I think the album should be crafted towards more of who you are," he shared. "Whereas the mixtape is just showing people what you can do and showcase your abilities, your rapping skills. I focused on my album a little bit differently from my mixtape. Overall, I still try and make all of my music still sound like me and be entertainment for my fans."

Success by the Graham is slated for an early 2013 release. The Oxford, N.C., native says that although he wants to introduce new elements into his music, his ultimate goal is to continue to make tracks that are just as relatable as "Snapbacks."

"I'm a balanced person first of all," he stated. "So that always affects my music. I think I'll definitely have a couple joints for the ladies but I'm gonna target a few hip-hop keys. I wanna be able to laugh and cry with people. Make the ladies fall in love, make people be like, 'Man I can't believe he said that!' I'm just trying to compile all my thoughts into one project."

Look for Success by the Graham early next year.

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