Dre of super-producing team Cool & Dre is pulling a Pharrell and making his rap debut.

Due in January, 'The Trunk' features beats from Timbaland, DJ Toomp and Scott Storch. Fellow Miami hitmaker DJ Khaled also contributed the current single 'Be Somebody,' featuring Keyshia Cole.

However, the real question is... Dre, what's up with you and Christina Milian?

"Oh, me and her are great. I think we make a great-looking couple," he told AOL Music during the TJ's DJ's Music Conference in Orlando. "She's a very real person. I feel like I know a side of her no one else knows, and that's special to me. I can't tell everybody, though, 'cause then they're gonna wanna love her down too. Then, I'm-a go to jail, shoot the place up and do all types of crazy sh*t."

He also said Ms. Milian is looking forward to recording again. "C-Murder's doing good right now. She's got a new [label] situation, so look out for her new album coming out next year."

C-Murder? We'll leave that one alone.