Dionne Osborne may not be part of the OVO camp but she certainly deserves a spot in Drake's crew. The vocal coach has become one of the rapper's most trusted advisors over the years and is dishing about how she helped him develop his famous vocal abilities.

"I've never had anyone trust me implicitly like he did. He really opened up his heart and his brain," Osborne tells Jezebel in a new interview. She explains how she helped Drake tackle his asthma and allergies by eating better and relying on tricks of the singing trade, like using humidifiers on tour.

Cortez Bryant, Lil Wayne's manager, told her she "changed his life." According to Osborne, she started laughing and believes she was just the first person to treat him like a professional singer.

The coach, who has been with Drizzy since his first tour and the 'So Far Gone' days, opens up about the Toronto native experimenting musically and artistically. "Yeah, he loves to make people happy, he loves to make people laugh. He is an extremely naturally funny person -- he's very smart, he's very witty, and very goofy. I always laugh, thinking, 'Drake, if people could see you offstage, that street cred would just be...'," she laughs.

As for bumping egos with the superstar? Osborne assures that they never fight but do disagree often on how much time Drake spends on his hair. She says, "I'm sure he gets frustrated with me more often than he shows it. I'm always like, 'Drake, you don't have time to get your hair cut right now!'... He's conscious about the way his hair looks."

The one thing that seems to work best for Drake? Drinking lots of water. Find out more about the rapper's favorite tour snacks and the song she wants him to attempt to sing -- even though he's reluctant -- here.

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