DrakeDrake's debut album, 'Thank Me Later,' has officially been scheduled for a May 25 release. "Highly-anticipated" would be the understatement of the year, in an attempt to describe the buzz behind Drizzy's upcoming album. Hype around the Canadian MC reached fever pitch sometime around the re-release of his 'So Far Gone' mixtape in September, but now fans have something concrete to put in their calendars.

Lil Wayne's protégé has been in the studio working diligently working on his album for the past few months, with notable contributions from the likes of Kanye West, The-Dream, Jay-Z, and Sean Garrett. In a recent interview, Drake addressed the line up of collaborations on the album, explaining that there was a method to his madness. "I really don't bank on collaborations unless it makes sense," Drake said. "If I get people's verses back and they don't coincide with the vision I have, I'll do the whole album by myself. I'm not really worried about the special guests. It's about linking to me and my story. There's people that just add to my story."

Drake is currently gearing up to kick off his eco-friendly "Away From Home Tour" on April 6 to promote the new album. He will perform several dates through May 20, only five days shy of his album's release. The album's official single, 'Over' is currently holding down the number 17 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 Charts, with a video to follow in the next few weeks.