These days, Drake's fanbase spans the entire globe and one supporter recently found a way to pay homage to the Toronto native in a peculiar way. Promise Tamang Phan, a makeup artist who found fame showcasing her work on the Internet, has used bronzer, eyeshadow and hair lotion to transform herself into the 'Take Care' rapper.

In a video where she gives step-by-step instructions, Phan creates a look similar to Drake's facial features, including thick eyebrows, a growing beard and a sharp hairline. She even adds a hooded vest for some fine details.

First, the makeup artist puts a substantial amount of hair lotion onto her long tresses -- she does so in order to make her hair appear shorter. To give herself a Drake hairline, she then applies a black eyeshadow around the edges of her own hair. Bronzer, eyebrow pencil, liquid eyeliner, black paint and a stipling brush follow to create Drizzy's look. Add in the 'Headlines' rhymer's chain, and the makeover is complete.

What do you think of her Drake impersonation?

Watch a Woman Transform Herself Into Drake With Makeup

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Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Drake

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