After jumping on ILOVEMAKONNEN's club hit 'Tuesday,' Drake, along with his partner-in-rhyme Tyga, lend their verses to California rapper K.I.D. Heat's club banger called 'Whatcha Say' featuring Mally Mall.

On the song, the Young Money superstars boast and brag about the money, cars and women they are collecting on a daily basis.

"Ugh, thinking aloud / I must have a quarter million on me right now / Hard to make a song about something other than the money / Two things I'm about are talking blunt staying blunted / Pretty woman are you here? Are you here right now, huh? / We should all just disappear right now," Drake spits.

Tyga also gets in on the fun, rapping, "In L.A., in L.A. / We in the mansion, all day
 / MIA, all the girls with it / Late night, they say, 'Don’t stop get it, get it.'"

We don't know where Drizzy is finding these underground club songs, but he certainly has a knack for turning them into worldwide anthems.

Listen to Drake and Tyga put their midas touch on this West Coast banger below.

Listen to The K.I.D. Heat & Mally Mall's 'Whatcha Say' Feat. Drake & Tyga