Miami Heat star player LeBron James is teaming up with Drake and Pitbull to launch his latest business venture: Sheets Energy Strips. The product, which consists of a caffeinated strip that dissolves on the tongue, is poised to become the "the new way to do energy" according to its distribution company Purebrands LLC.

James, who is named as a co-creator of the product alongside business partners Warren Struhl and Maverik Carter, revealed that he had been using the strips before Miami Heat games for increased energy. Each strip is equivalent to a cup of coffee, requires no water for consumption and contains zero calories, carbohydrates or sugar.

"I've tried tons of other products in the past and none compare," James said of the strips, which are high in Vitamins B and E. "Sheets are a smart and convenient way to get energy.

Drizzy and Pitbull are just a couple of the celebrity names that have signed on to appear in the $10 million marketing campaign. In accordance with the launch, the Sheets promotion will incorporate social media and an immense product sampling program to further endorse the product.

For his part, Pitbull will aid in helping the product reach the Hispanic market. The Miami native sought out the company after using the product. "I approached the Sheets team after using the product and becoming a believer," he said. "Like any product I get involved with, my main goal is always to empower the Latin community. The guys at Sheets handed me and my crew the keys to make sure it's done the right way."

While there is no word yet on the extent of Drake's involvement aside from appearing in ads, this isn't the first time that he and Pitbull have worked together. Last year the two, along with Rihanna and Trey Songz signed on to promote Kodak's M590 camera. In the past, Drake collaborated with LeBron on the soundtrack to the NBA All-Star's 'More Than a Game' documentary, penning the track 'Forever.'

Sheets is slated to hit stores around the country next month.

Watch Drake's 'Forever'
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