Actor-turned-rapper Drake is one step closer to putting all the speculation about which label he will sign with to rest. The 22-year-old promised to announce a label deal very soon.

'"The burning question will be answered in five days," Drake said in an interview. For now he's focusing on putting music together for his highly anticipated debut. "I'm out here in Miami working with Pharrell and I'm even realizing we [have] so much more to give to these people. I just started working on my album a couple days ago and I'm still seeing the creativity is flowing at an amazing level."

Despite not having a record deal, the 'net's favorite emcee has a healthy helping of buzz. Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne have all praised the Canada native's rap style. "I hope it lasts," Drake said of his publicity. "I'm definitely trying to preserve the feeling. It's definitely something I could get used to.

"Everybody has a peak and then you plateau at a certain point. That's just how rap goes. A lot of it is just the excitement of people finding out about you. I'm hoping that I can do different things, like incorporating the R&B aspect. I'm hoping that with the layers that I have to my career I can keep people interested longer than usual." Drake also credited his "unique fan base" for his success.

Much to the delight of several teenage girls -- and possibly a few grown women -- the rapper also said that a relationship between him and rumored fling Rihanna is non-existent. "People just need something to latch on two," he said of the speculation, noting that he and the Barbadian beauty are only friends.

Drake recently shot a video for his song 'Best I Ever Had,' directed by West and will be going on tour this summer alongside Wayne, Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy. His debut 'Thank Me Later,' will hits stores sometime this year.