Rappers getting up close and personal with strippers isn't big news. But threatening them after the deed is done, that's a different story.

Drake and his crew are being accused of doing just that. TMZ reports that the 'Nothing Was the Same' rapper, along with his camp, threatened a stripper for attempting to disclose information about the rapper after she had sex with him. Apparently things have gotten so bad that the Houston police have launched a full investigation.

Jhonni Blaze told authorities that after she hit the sheets with Drake, the '0 to 100' rhymer was worried that she would tell the world all about their tryst. Not only has she received "angry" texts, but Jhonni also claims that Drake's people have been banging on her door and threatening her life.

While she's already gone to the police, she isn't sure if she wants to press charges just yet. Houston PD still want to talk to the other party, who they have only referred to as a "possible celebrity."

Drake has remained quiet on the matter, however, sources close to the rapper claim that the allegations are false.

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