Drake recently discussed his tastefully-titled song "Gonorrhea," with Lil Wayne, which appears on Weezy's 'I am Not a Human Being' EP. "It's funny and it definitely makes people [pay attention]," Drake said of the song's title. "It's like, 'Chlamydia! Oh, I should listen to this, maybe it's educating me.' It's crazy. But people like it, I got a lot of good feedback on the verse." Shock value, huh. [MTV]

Katy Perry appeared on this season's SNL premier, and she brought her whipped-cream boobs. "I'm excited to be on 'Saturday Night Live,' because I think it's hilarious," Perry said, earlier in the week. "I'm hoping they will let me do a skit. I really want to do a skit. I brought my whipped-cream boobs, so if they do a sketch involving a barista - you know, coffee-making - I could be helping the people out." She's so edgy. [AccessHollywood]