Drake has stepped up to the plate and taken blame for the delay on his debut record 'Thank Me Later.' The album apparently missed its deadline on May 25 because the Toronto-based artist was trying to culminate a unique series of songs that pleases a wide-ranging fan base. In this era of everything-gets-delayed, this is not such a big deal, but Drake was adamant that taking the extra time worked out for the best.

"The album comes out on June 15th," Drake said in an interview with Music On Campus. "It was really just about me getting into the right creative head space and delivering a first album that people could all appreciate. So, I think I got it now. Yeah, June 15th, I'm excited."

Drake also revealed that he plans to return to acting after 'Thank Me Later' comes out and makes its splash. He appears to be eying movies and was floating hints last fall that he'd love to get a role in one of Judd Apatow's popular "bro" comedies.

"Television is sort of an exhausting," he continued, "repetitive format to be in but I'm definitely, like after this album and I have another project I have in mind that I want to do but after that I'll probably get back into some movies, yeah. I'm excited to do movies again. I like being on set."