Drake has already admitted to making his ex-girlfriends cry with his close-to-home song lyrics based on past relationships. The candid rapper has said he gets "so immersed" in his songs that he forgets about what the subjects of his lyrics might feel when they hear the track -- until they call, that is. Or in the latest case of the ex, file a lawsuit against him!

Drake is being sued by Ericka Lee, who claims to be both his ex-girlfriend and the voice on the other end of the phone call in the rapper's emotional 'Take Care' hit, 'Marvin's Room.' Lee filed a suit in a Los Angeles court claiming she was excluded from sharing co-writer royalties for the drunk dial-inspired song.

According to the court papers, Lee and Drizzy shared both a romantic and professional relationship from early 2010 until mid-2011, calling it quits shortly after the June 2011 release of 'Marvin's Room.' Lee alleged that during that time, the two collaborated on a collection of song lyrics and poems, and that Drake agreed to split the 'Marvin's Room' earnings with her as a co-writer.

Furthermore, the accuser claims that she was originally set to sing the hook and recite an opening monologue for that track, which never came to fruition. In exchange for her contributions to the song, Drake reportedly offered Lee 2 percent of the publishing royalties, and later raised the offer to 4-5 percent along with a $50,000 settlement.

While there was no contract or written agreement documenting said business arrangements, Lee cited several text message conversations as her proof. Reportedly, Drake sent a text that read, "U basically made that song."

Apparently 5 percent royalties and $50K isn't enough for Lee and her five-word text message contract. She is seeking a co-writing credit on the song, as she sues for an undisclosed amount for damages.

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Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Drake