You may want to brace yourself for this, but Drake may have shaved off his beard. Oh, the agony!

Drake doesn’t usually cause a panic on social media but on Friday morning (May 13), he shocked fans when he posted a picture of himself beardless.

“Beard making an epic comeback in 2 weeks... only for you @nbcsnl,” Drizzy wrote in the caption of the now since deleted Instagram photo.

The photo of the clean-faced Drake has sent his female (and some male) fans into a tizzy. It looks like the beard gang has suffered a major causality.

Reactions to Drake shaving off his manly beard have been mixed leaving some fans brokenhearted and others demanding that Drake bring his beard!

"If drake shaved his beard I want a refund on my concert tickets... I didn't pay to see a turtle perform," wrote one fan. Another person tweeted, "Drake shaved his beard, he's dead to me."

You could possibly see a beardless Drake when he hosts and performs on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

What do you think of Drake's new clean-shaven look? Is it a yay or nay? Tell us in the comments below.