Drake and Lil Wayne Drake recently opened up about his relationship with Young Money boss Lil Wayne, who on Feb. 9 is expected to receive a one year sentence for weapons possession.

"I think the best thing about Wayne is that he doesn't really get too involved in us developing as artists," Drake told MTV, of his crew's leader. "He doesn't give his input on how we should be, or how we should rap or how we should dress. Wayne just gives us the opportunity. If you drop the ball, you drop the ball. But Wayne's gonna give you the setup. Wayne is gonna throw you the alley-oop -- you just have to cut to the hoop and slam."

The Toronto MC explained that Wayne's hands-off approach to mentoring Young Money has allowed the group to discover themselves as individual artists, on their own.
"He really gives you the space and lets you become your own person," Drake continued. "He respects [artists that know] about themselves. He doesn't want to shape us all. I don't really know who wants to do that anymore. That was like, in '96 or something, when labels would be like, 'You got to be like this.' Wayne doesn't want to do that. Wayne wants us to thrive as the people we truly are, which is great."

The Young Money compilation 'We Are Young Money,' featuring both Drake and Lil Wayne, is in stores now. Wayne's 'Rebirth' and Drake's 'Thank Me Later' are both scheduled for first quarter release.