If you're reading this then you know that Drake has a search engine. Yes, if you obsess over anything Drizzy related, this is the internet tool for you.

The “Let Me Drake That For You” is a fun and entertaining new search engine that focuses solely on the Canadian rap superstar. Simply type any word or phrase and it finds anything that’s connected to the Young Money rhymer.

Type in “beer” and it will show you articles and pictures of Drake holding a cold brewski. Type in “cat” and it will show you pictures of cats that look like Drizzy.

We also love that fact that every time you do a search, a Drake-ify phrase pops up like, "I Be Yelling Out Searches Over Everything, Searches On My Mind,” which is a flip of a line from Drake’s song “Headlines.”

There’s also bonus features like the “I’m Feelin’ Drizzy” key that just lets you watch some weird Drake gifs on repeat. You can also tweet out your search results to your followers on Twitter.

Of course the search engine isn't perfect. So don’t be surprised if some of your searches come up empty. This portal is not an alternative to the big search engines like Google or Bing.

In the end, the "Let Me Drake That For You" search engine will bring you hours of fun on your desktop. Try it and enjoy!

You gotta love the internet for this.

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