In a new MTV documentary, Drake reveals that he can only use his BlackBerry to write his rhymes. "I can't write my raps on paper," said the Young Money MC. "The BlackBerry keys - my thumbs were made for touching them." Somewhere, Rakim shed a lone tear...for hip hop, but also for the pad and pen. [MTV]

Hey, guess which 'Entourage' cast member wishes the show would never end? All of them. Also, Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle, who, discussing the rumors of an 'Entourage' film, said "The minute I heard it, I told everyone, 'I'm in.' I'll do this forever." And in no way is that depressing. [LATimes]

Snooki discussed the book of Jersey Shore quotes that will be plaguing bookstores soon. "I think my favorite quote from last season would probably be when I was talking about being drunk and I was like, 'You know what? ... I'm not trashy. Unless I drink too much.' That's what drinking does to you. So this book that's coming out with all of our quotes from last season is gonna be the most dysfunctional, nut-job book I have ever seen. And I'm actually going to purchase it myself." Wow. [MTV]