Drake recently sat down with CNN to discuss the important things about being a rapper; writing songs about chicks and getting underwear thrown at him when he performs. "I just feel honored to be inducted into the bra and panty-tossing club," he said. "But you know that's nothing original. Prince could tell you better stories about that than I could." Obviously. [CNN]

Fat Joe said that he's such a fan of Kanye West's that he boycotted Kanye's '808's & Heartbreak' album. "My favorite rapper is Kanye West and when he did the singing album, I purposely didn't buy it," Joe explained. "I was like, I'm protesting it man, I'm boycotting it. I ain't with that s--t. I want the Kanye rapping about his moms, rapping about this s--t." Yeah, c'mon Kanye, go back to rapping about your moms. [SOHH]