Drake made a recent appearance on MTV's 'When I Was 17,' where he discussed his teenaged fashion faux pas. "When I was 17, I used to have this terrible afro," the Young Money MC began. "You know, an afro is supposed to be big. It's supposed to be a nice sphere and then it's supposed to end. My joint never really ended. It was like a neck afro. It made me look like I had the biggest head in the world." Not sure the how much the haircut helped though. [MTV]

Big Boi appeared on 'The Martha Stewart Show' recently, grilling up some lobster and dubbing Martha "Lady Martha Macaroni," because she "got that cheese." After the show, he tweeted about the experience, saying "Just finished grilling Lobster with Martha Stewart and my Mama. G S--t." Oh, definitely. [YouTube]