Last week, Drake announced that he would be shelving his R&B mixtape 'It's Never Enough' to focus on his sophomore release 'Take Care,' and now the Toronto native is admitting that the pressure to complete the mixtape was just too great.

"I had some great songs, but I felt like I was forcing myself to finish it because people were expecting something from me," Drake told The BoomBox about 'It's Never Enough.' "I feel like music has gotten to this point where nobody appreciates the wait anymore. That used to be so great, when you used to have to wait four years for an Usher album, or you used to have to wait all this time to hear something from Destiny's Child. Now, it's like if you don't put something out every week people are like 'damn you're fallen' off man.' I felt like I was being forced into it, not by any fans, I know they want to hear music from me but I just felt like I was forcing myself."

The currently single 24-year-old also added that it's hard to make a record full of R&B songs about love, when you're ridden' solo. "I also need to be in love to finish that mixture, or at least have somebody that's inspiring me." Drake says he was about four songs away from finishing the effort, when he stopped. "I just wasn't feeling it right now."

Mixtapes have been pretty good to Drizzy. His 'So Far Gone' mixtape was originally released in February of 2009, and became popular for the breakout single 'Best I Ever Had,' prompting him to re-release the project as an EP. The album also snagged him a Grammy nomination, and won Rap Recording of the Year at 2010 Juno Awards. But now that Drake has put the mixtape on the shelf, the rapper is excited about moving forward with his sophomore release 'Take Care.' The Toronto native explained that once the pressure from dropping the mixtape was lifted, his music improved. "I truly felt like the music for 'Take Care' just started flowing."

Also assisting in his creative flow was longtime friend and producer Noah '40' Shebib, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. The two have developed a strong friendship over the years, with 40 making an appearance on Drake's MTV documentary 'Better than Good Enough,' in which Drake expressed his concern about his friend's health. "This is so personal, but 40 just stopped smoking cigarettes, so he's been making this non-cigarette smoking music. It's just been so good," he said. "Everything started coming, the raps started coming together. I went from [having] one or two for sure songs to like six for sure songs on 'Take Care,' and that was it. That made me decide I wannna put this album out, and then maybe I'll put the mixtape out later."

Watch Drake' 'Find Your Love'
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