As the drug charges against rapper T.I. continue to mount, a fellow Kings of the South have weighed in on the decisions that led to his likely return to prison.

"It hurt me the other day that somehow he found himself again in that kind of predicament," said Young Money rapper Drake, who recently collaborated with T.I. on the hit 'Fancy.' " ... I'm not really here to say things about another man. Tip is a very smart man. I just think that, a part of me wishes he realized the power in the movement he has and what a legend he is and not get in trouble anymore. The man that he is, the trouble he gets into doesn't reflect the person he is. He's just a great individual."

Rick Ross, who is featured on Tip's new album, 'King Uncaged,' also gave his two cents on the situation, stating that he'll stand by his friend, regardless of his legal problems.

"I think just being firm and being men of our word is what that's about at the end of the day," Rawse explained. "As long as the real G's and the leaders set the example of 'This is what you do when your brother gets into trouble.' ... Regardless of what it is, you don't turn your back on him; you ride with him ... You gotta stick to the script. When situations come, you stay firm. If that's your homie, that's your homie."

T.I., who is on probation, is currently facing charges for possession of ecstasy, codeine and marijuana, and is awaiting sentencing. As Drake puts it, "Yeah, it's an unfortunate situation."