It's been a whirlwind couple of years for Drake, and on the cover of his forthcoming sophomore album, 'Take Care,' the Canadian rapper appears to be lost in thought, taking stock of his sudden rise.

Unveiled Friday (Sept. 23), on Drake's October's Very Own blog, the cover shot shows the MC seated at a table, surrounded by gold finery. He should be reveling in his good fortune, but instead, he looks morose, like he's not sure money and fame are all they're cracked up to be. Or maybe he's just thinking about what car he wants to buy as he waits for his fine date to show up and the waitress to bring him his magnum of Cristal.

"Feels like it's been so long," a contemplative Drizzy wrote in a message accompanying the cover reveal. "Is life moving so fast in this generation that when we desire something it begins to move in slow motion? Are we just used to getting what we want right away? Or do we require one another to feel right about all that is going on around us? Maybe our anticipation is justified by the fact that we genuinely cannot wait to share a moment again?"

'Take Care' drops Oct. 24, the former 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' star's 25th birthday. The album will include guest appearances from Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and Stevie Wonder, among others.