DrakeWhile a major label deal was once a huge financial and marketing advantage, the digital era has opened up tons of new platforms for rappers to get their tracks in peoples' ears. Henry Adaso from About.com recently wrote an article that outlines the business end of music and argues that staying independent might be the way to go.

"It's a surprise that newcomers, who clearly have respectable artistic goals, aren't deciding to pass up opportunities to sign to majors," he wrote. "Drake, for instance, had an opportunity to buck tradition and stick it to the majors. He had already gathered reams of buzz. His mixtapes were moving like hot cakes. He had an opportunity to debut in the Top 10 as an independent artist. In the end, he chose to play ball with the same people that passed on an opportunity to sign him when he was just Wheelchair Jimmy. The world is waiting to see how his deal with Universal will impact his craft."

Adaso also explains advances (you won't earn any money unless you sell a ton), quality versus quantity (major labels don't invest in creative flourishes like cool packaging) and sales (once again, sell a ton of records or you will never make a cent). Head over to About.com to read the full piece.