As the seemingly never-ending campaign leading up to 'Thank Me Later' continues, Drake has definitely made it clear he's going to be singing a lot on his debut album. For his hardcore hip-hop head fans, this is not the most pleasing news, but Drake wants you to know he can still rap, though. This morning he dropped a "freestyle" called '9 AM Dallas' where he addresses the gargantuan expectations that he's trying to meet and takes out a little aggression over a Boi-1da beat.

"Until I lose for now I'm the game's single leader," he raps. "I fly private so nobody tells me to bring my seat up/ And book a suite where me and your favorite singer meet up/ Who you like, tell me who it is, Imma make sure that woman is the next one on my list/ Without a response from me, you really fail to exist/ And I love to see you fail, that feeling is the s---."

Over a typically dramatic beat, Drake also gets into some of his trademark worrying-about-the-future rhymes.

"Scared for the first time, everything just clicked," he continues. "What if I don't really do the numbers they predict/ Considering the fact that I'm the one that they just picked/ To write a chapter in history, this s--- has got me sick."

Download Drake's '9 AM Dallas' freestyle track here. 'Thank Me Later' hits stores June 15.