Drake is ready to flex his acting chops again, this time as a cartoon. The Young Money rapper is slated to guest star in LeBron James' upcoming animated web series 'The LeBrons,' set to be released in March.

The show, which sees Drake starring as himself, focuses on James who plays four characters --

Kid LeBron, Athlete Lebron, Business LeBron and Wise LeBron -- inspired by a Nike advertising campaign. The webisode series will be family-friendly, encouraging young viewers to stay in school and do their schoolwork. Though Drake is involved with the project, producer Ali Dee will handle music duties for the show.

This isn't the first time that Drizzy has teamed with the Miami Heat all-star. In 2009, he contributed the track 'Forever' featuring Kanye West, Eminem and Lil Wayne to the soundtrack for 'More Than a Game,' a documentary that tracked LeBron's rise to the top.

Aside from voice acting, the Toronto native will return to the big screen in the upcoming film 'Arbitrage.' The flick, which stars Susan Sarandon, Al Pacino and Eva Green, focuses on a hedge fund executive who makes grave errors while trying to sell his company. Drake is rumored to be scoring the drama, which is currently in production.

Watch Drake's 'Forever'
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