From vitriol to praise, Drake (and his music) is well known for inspiring pretty much every emotional (and probably even physical) reaction out there. But fan fiction? Yes, that too.

Blogger/artist Meaghan Garvey—you might know her as Moneyworth on Twitter—reached out to an ensemble of writers to put together a new 30-page book that's all about Drizzy's fourth studio album. They've gone ahead and given it a title ('Lavender'), dreamed up what it will sound like (divisive and pivotal Kanye West's '808s & Heartbreak'), and gave it a tentative release date of October 2014.

Here's a direct quote about the book to give you even more background:

"The book contains a sample of its critical reception, ranging from the highest praise to sheer mockery, as well as a never before seen glimpse into Drake's world while recording the album."

That glimpse into his world includes illustrations depicting behind-the-scenes footage from video shoots, his 'Yolo Estates,' and the dashboard of his laptop. Basically, if you're a Drizzy fan and you can't stop playing your illegally downloaded copy (leak!) of 'Nothing Was The Same,' you're probably going to love this.

You can pre-order 'Lavender' here. Peep a preview of the book below.