DrakeFans may have to wait a little while longer for Drake's debut 'Thank Me Later.' The good news is Kanye West will be adding his touch to the highly anticipated effort.

The Canadian actor-turned-rapper revealed that he will travel to Hawaii to get in the studio with both West and producer No ID. "Me and Kanye, when we do come together, it's great," Drake said in an interview. "We have great chemistry. That definitely won't halt us from giving people what they deserve. It's not much to say -- we got some great songs. Kanye just brought extra brushes to the painting session. He just brought some more colors so we can complete this masterpiece."

According to Drake, West who has kept a low profile in recent months, is also prepping new music. "I know he's eager to complete his record too," Drake explained. "He's back in that music mode which is great. He was in clothing mode for a second ... now I think he's back and ready to make this all happen." The two previously worked together on the track 'Forever' which also features hip-hop heavyweights Lil Wayne and Eminem. West also directed Drake's "Best I Ever Had" video.

Undoubtedly the most buzzed about rapper of the last year, Drake pushed back his debut release originally scheduled to drop this February. 'Thank Me Later' will also feature appearances from Jay-Z and Young Jeezy.