Meek Mill finally dropped the long-awaited response to Drake's two (count 'em, two) diss tracks ("Charged Up" and "Back to Back").

But the Dreams Worth More Than Money creator's diss, "Wanna Know," still finds him in the losing lane according to the courts of social media. Drake chose to react in the form of a photo rather than deliver a third diss of his own. Drizzy posted a shot of himself on Instagram laughing hysterically. No caption necessary for that one.

Joe Budden, on the other hand, had some sound advice for Meek considering he's had his fair share of rap beef.

"He makes really good music in his lane.... THIS CLEARLY isn't his lane.. Get bac to you my n----," tweeted the "Pump It Up" rapper. "U got the girl & just had a #1 album... But ur walking into a trap wearing a blindfold.. No hate I swear."

The last lines in Meek's diss track compares his battle with Drizzy to the early 2000s feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule ("This that Ja Rule s--- and 50 Cent"), but the latter wants to know which of the two rappers is successful as him.

"Which one supposed to be Ja Rule???," wrote Ja while citing in hashtags that he's sold 30 million records and that he writes all of his rhymes.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper didn't have any comments towards his former beef, but he did add his two cents in about the situation in an interview with St. Louis' 104.1 FM.

“I would think that he would be conscious of Nicki before he would just say something, when he knows Nicki and Drake have a relationship. Like, they’re down with each other. They’re in the same crew. Even if you just heard it randomly you would be talking to her before you say something publicly about it. Obviously she shares the same views, because she hasn’t really responded to it publicly," Fif stated.

Two websites have gone up since the controversy that center on the Drake vs. Meek Mill drama.

One site, allows users to vote on who's winning in this battle. So far, there is over 4,300 votes total, and it's mostly in favor of Drake.

The other site,, complete with a Sarah McLachlan song, shows the battle rapper from Philly holding a sign that reads "I Used to Be Rapper."

"Meek Mill is in danger and soon there will be no Meek Mill to save. This is your time to make a change," jokingly reads the site that is actually taking donations.

Check out Drake, Joe Budden and Ja Rule's reactions to Meek's diss below.

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