DrakePopular rapper Drake has enjoyed a fairytale rise to fame since joining Lil Wayne's Young Money crew, but his past may be catching up with him. Former collaborator, Big Page, who featured Drake on 'I'm Still Fly,' is making claims that the Grammy-nominated emcee is a "snitch."

Page, who hails from Drake's hometown, Toronto, launched the charge via his Twitter account, alleging that Drake cooperated with Toronto police regarding a 2009 robbery.

To back up his claim, Page posted a photo of a court document, which he cited as proof that the Young Money rapper is a "snitch a-- n----."

"How u gonna rep toronto on a big scale and be a snitch at the same time??? That n---- is a straight up snake," Page tweeted. "... How do u go from asking my me For loans and asking me to borrow my chain ... To try and get me jumped?"

The document posted by Page states that Drake, born Aubrey Graham, was robbed on May 31, and pressed charges against two men, Soccerties Cotterell and Paul Lelutiu, who robbed him with a hand gun. Drake has yet to respond to the charge, which Big Page continues to tweet about, writing "That n---- is OVER You know the artist ... I know the person...the image made by the industry is not reality."

The "snitch" jacket people have been handing out to those who take legal recourse after being physically threatened is getting tiresome.

Drake's long-awaited debut, 'Thank Me Later,' will be released on May 25, 2010.